UPDATE: Hillary Clinton Leaves The Country As Mueller Indictment Is Announced


Anyone else think it’s weird that Hillary Clinton hopped on a jet and flew to the Ukraine last night?

On Friday night, Clinton was seen with her husband Bill hopping aboard an aircraft  to Lviv at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

This announcement comes after speculation and rumors that one of the indictments handed down by Robert Mueller’s grand jury were for her.

With recent news breaking that Clinton paid a Russian agency for information on Donald Trump, it is unsurprising that Mueller would target Clinton, nor is it really shocking that she would high-tail it out of the country just in case she is one of the people he is coming after on Monday.

The interesting thing about the Ukraine is that the country has no extradition agreement with the United States, meaning that she can not be forced to return if indeed she is slated to be arrested Monday.

“This seems the likeliest scenario,” former FBI agent Andrea Hawley told Fox News Saturday. “It’s worth noting that Hillary Clinton had no scheduled trips to the Ukraine or any reason to go there.”

Spokespeople for the Clintons have so far refused comment according to Fox and other news organizations.


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